Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Dreaded P³

My sister and I are in the process of selling my mother's condo.  The condo itself is in fabulous condition and decorated beautifully inside so that is not a problem.  Both my father and mother always took care of little details before they became a problem. My mother was also a worrier so every possible scenario was covered from rain to ice.

But despite the great condition of the condo we still needed to remove personal items, take photos, etc. Over the last couple of years my mother had slowly thrown away or donated many items.  But there are still items to give away to family members, donate, or sell.  So in between working on my own house, I have also been working on getting the condo ready to sell.

My sister doesn't live close by so we try to coordinate our times to meet and take care of business. We usually do that on rainy days.  So when days are beautiful like today I have to put the condo on the back burner and paint like there is no tomorrow.

I have the window boxes finally painted with a top coat of ultra white semi gloss.  I then had to touch up the grey paint where the primer was on the grey.  The rough shingles make it difficult to get a sharp crisp painted edge so tomorrow I will touch up a few areas with a flat stiff artist brush that I use when I need to get into tight spots or touch up small areas.
Why can't I seem to take a level photo?

I also painted another window box which was one of the original window boxes. Because the new window was wider due to the wider original style casing than what was on the window we removed, I needed to replace that window box with a new one.  The old window box will sit on the deck railing by the kitchen door.

It is already planted with onion chives and I have a patch of garlic chives growing in my side yard and will probably add some garlic chives to the window box.  That will give me pink blooms in the spring and tall white blooms in August/September.   The garlic chives believe it or not smell wonderful.  The bees also like them so it's a win win situation.

This week I hope to plant my tomato and pepper plants.  My son and daughter in law gave me a tomato plant and gift card to one of my favorite nurseries. I'll then concentrate on planting my window boxes and porch pots.  I am going to go with red, purple, and white as my color combo this year.

And like that isn't enough, we decided to plant flowers at my mother's condo.  The condo is fully landscaped but it needs a little color.  Since it is a traditional style condo we will go with bright red geraniums.  I have a larger black ceramic pot that I may add to the porch.

We are selling the condo ourselves and it has only been a week.  But we have had a lot of interest and there is absolutely no comparable condos in our area.  You either have to pay 100K more or pay 60 to 70K less for an older condo with higher HOA fees.  So we feel good about our pricing.

My sister will have puppies to deal with in about 6 weeks so we are under a lot of puppy and painting pressure commonly referred to as PPP or P³  if you are a math geek.