Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Damn, it's cold out there.

Today we lasted exactly 3 hours outside. It was so cold that the shingles in the bundle had frost on them. The white stuff on this shingle is frost and those three dark spots are where my fingers were holding the shingles. BrrrrrrThis is where we started today. Yesterday we had ALMOST finished two rows on one side when we ran out of nails.This is where we were when we yelled "no mas!"
This side still needs a small row under the window and the little shingles on the right side of the window. At the rate we are going I bet we won't even start the other side tomorrow.

Tomorrow I want to hang the five wreaths I have already made plus two large artificial wreaths for the wrought iron gate and the bows still need to be assembled and attached. I also bought a small frame today and if I have time I want to make a small wreath for my front door.

The big suction cup hunt continues. I was able to buy just one at Michaels tonight. CVS had none. Home Depot said they only had two left yesterday. I need at least one more of those heavy duty suction cups. I just know that after the holidays I'll see them on sale somewhere, but I need them NOW.

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