Saturday, December 4, 2010

Is this what I think it is?

This is what I found as I chipped away at the paint on the wall in the dining room. Need a closer view?Here is a hint....there is another spot just like this about 6 ft to the right of this one.

Any ideas????

Time is up.

I'm thinking there were sconces on this wall at one time.

What do you think?

Update....stripping of the corner cabinets is completed. I even stripped a section of base board. I'll have to move some rolled up vintage oriental rugs I've been storing in the dining room before I can finish the base board stripping.

As I was stripping the base board I ran across thick hunks of paint left over from when the base shoe was installed. Why wouldn't they have scraped that off after they removed the base shoe and repainted the base board? And if not then, why not one of the other ten or so times the base board was painted there after?

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