Friday, December 10, 2010

One Hung and Three To Go

We are hopeful that tomorrow will be the last day of shingling. The remaining shingles to be installed are on the right side of the window and the row of short shingles under the window.
I'm at the point where stripping paint off the base boards sounds like more fun than shingling. The weather was warmer today and hovered around 32 degrees. We even saw the sun today which was greatly appreciated because nothing is worse than day after day of gray skies. The snow has miraculously avoided this part of the state. I sure hope that it doesn't make up for it at a later date with a massive snowfall.

Only one wreath was hung today and that was on one of the front windows. I have three more to hang. My fingers are crossed that the suction cup holds through the night.
I was only able to shoot a photo of one of the gates. To take a photo of both gates would require me to stand in the road and people are just driving far too crazy these days to stand anywhere near the road.

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