Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sun Room is Complete Until Spring Time

The weather forecast is for 5-10 inches of snow. I can see it coming on the radar map but the temperature is steadily rising and is currently 38 degrees at 9:00PM. I am so hoping that the weather man is wrong but I have a feeling he is not.

Today was the final day of shingling on the north side of the sun room. We still have several pieces of cove trim to install under the windows and the small pieces of trim at the top of the shingles (original) but decided to leave that job until spring time. So on to the before and after pictures.

Here is what we started with on the exterior of the north side. The trim around the doors and windows were non existent and because of this, they did not match the rest of the house. The doors blocked the view of the fountain, were shabbily made, and had a large gap at the bottom that no amount of adjusting would eliminate.The first item on the agenda was the removal of shingles and paint on the windows. I also replaced the hinges with the Acorn Manufacturer L H hinges that are appropriate for this age of home.
Next was the the installation of the french doors. These doors were a Craigslist find and were purchased for $75 and still wrapped in the original plastic.
Before we could start shingling we needed to cut down the window jambs and then add the 5 inch wide (cut down from 6 inch wide boards) trim to each side of the window. R extended the window sills after the trim was installed. The window on the left has the sills already extended. While the window on the right side of the photo shows how it looked before the sill extensions are put into place.
Next came the cold, snow, and shingling.
This project took 40 feet of 6X1 inch wide pine for the trim ($57.00), 1 bundle of red cedar shingles ($51.00), 1 set of french doors ($75.00), 8 feet of cove trim ($8.00), and 4 sets of new hinges ($9.50 each) for a total of $229.00.

The photos don't convey how the feel of the sun room has change from dark and unappealing to bright with a view on three sides.

All that is needed is paint, vintage door knobs and lock set, and possibly wood storm doors. I'll look for door hardware during the winter months. Paint will come in the spring and summer. I'll wait until the sun room is painted to determine if we want or need the wood storm doors.

Now it's back to the dining room base boards and the sanding of the trim.


  1. You guys are doing a Great Job! I will absolutely be by in spring! Char

  2. You two are doing an amazing job! I will absolutely be by in spring! Char


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