Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Round Up

The paint stripping is finished on both corner cabinets EXCEPT for the bottom of two shelves and the little grooves. I think I will strip the baseboards before I do any sanding. The baseboards are going to be tough going. Today just before I called it quits, I stripped a small portion of baseboard. This little area took me 15 minutes to strip. Yikes!! I am hoping that it was just a case of cool heat gun and not an indication of what lays ahead.

As you can see by the photo, the baseboard does not rest on the floor. Also missing is the base shoe. This room, as did the rest of the house, had wall to wall carpet on the floor. They ran the carpet under the baseboard but I can see witness marks of the original base shoe. It took us an entire week to pull up all the carpet and padding just after we bought the house. You might have noticed in the first photo that I also have been chipping paint off the walls. Tomorrow I'll tell you what I found while scraping paint off the plaster. It might not even be plaster. To my untrained eye, the walls feel more like stucco than plaster.

While I have been busy inside the house...R has been outside in the cold. Don't worry he's bundled up and wearing his flannel lined jeans. He has both windows trimmed out and the sill extensions on one window installed. Tomorrow after he installs the other sill extensions, I will be called back outsides to help with the shingle installation.
Shingling should go rather quickly because there is very little area left that needs to be shingled. It will probably take longer to get the table, saw, extension cord, and miscellaneous tools outside than it will be to actually nail up the shingles.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't snow tomorrow because I don't like getting cold much less snow covered.

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