Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hammered Pull Rings

I was feeling rather lucky after my Craigslist finds so I decided to hit one of my usual antique shops after I arrived home from the Detroit area. I just had the feeling that I would find something that I NEEDED.

And find I did. Several years ago I found one pull ring with a heart shaped back made out of hammered metal that made it look like wrought iron and of course you know I cannot resist my wrought iron. After the initial purchase of one pull ring, the pull ring flow ran dry which was a shame as I needed more than one. I need one for every shutter on the exterior which will ultimately be long story short....I needed 19 more until today when that number went down to 17.I love these little pull rings. The hammered look matches the decorative straps on the exterior doors.

Oh and of course, what tool hound could pass on the little vintage compass/dividers for a mere 2 bucks?

I also bought a masonry tool that you use for putting a small radius on the edge of concrete walkways and driveways. I have no idea what the tool is called but for 5 dollars the price was right. I like my concrete walkways to have that picture frame look around the edges. Hopefully this summer we will be able to fire up the cement mixer that R bought awhile back.

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