Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Found a Plaster Guy

I try to give Craigslist a quick glance every other day just in case something comes up that I need to help with the restoration. My usual method is to just scan the very local Flint area listings but I was feeling a little frisky and decided to peruse the Detroit area listings.

Lo and behold....I ran across a listing for 14 beveled glass panes for a 15 lite french door. What makes this so appropriate is that not a day goes by without me warning R not to bump into the beveled glass in french door in the foyer. I also remind him that I have "no idea where I would get a replacement if he broke one of the panes."

I try never to get too emotionally attached to any item whenever I locate an item on Craigslist. Probably 75% of the time no one answers my email. Another 15% of the time the seller does not answer my questions. Usually responding with a simple "yes" to my usual 5 questions. Is that "yes" fives times or "yes" to the first question? So imagine my surprise when I received a reply within hours. Plus, the reply was intelligent. Yea......I felt I was soon to be the owner of 14 beveled lites for 15 bucks total.

So today I called the seller, who gave me great directions. My drive was uneventful and took just a mere 40 minutes right down I 75. This was just too easy. I pulled right into their driveway (two cute little dogs looking at me in the driveway) without a hiccup.

As I walked up to the porch, I noticed the best wrought iron decorative hinges I have ever seen in my entire life. Geez Louise...pull over the drool train. I have decorative wrought hinges on my doors and I must admit that they are quite impressive but these were soooooo different. The door was just like mine except it was a round top door. The decorative hinges were arched just like the door. I asked the home owner if I could take a photo. I forgot to ask if I could post the photo on my blog but I think I am fine as long as I don't tell you the address and the city. All you know is that it is in the thumb area of the mitten.

Here is the top strap. Is that 2die4?
Here's the middle strap.
And of course, the prerequisite hardware porn.
OK...on to the best part. Not only did I get 14 beveled glass lites for 15 bucks, the seller also threw in a glass push plate (I have 3 at home so I kind of needed another one) that was broke on the end. I am taking it to the glass shop tomorrow to have it cut down. This push plate will be 1 inch shorter than the others but I doubt if anyone will notice.

But that is not the best part. The best part is the seller is a third generation plaster guy and I need a plaster guy...big time!

Thank you Craigslist!

I still have not figured out how to use my new camera so cut me some slack on the dark spotted photos.

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