Saturday, December 18, 2010

Kitchen Door Installed

Yup....that's R using the oscillating saw to cut out another improperly installed board. Seems that the door opening is slightly askew.
I can't believe it shifted over the years because look at all these perfectly placed nails.
Not one of these spikes found their way into any wood. It appears they (as in whoever installed the jamb) just kept pounding in nail after nail, hoping that somehow it would hold. Well it didn't.

We did get the door hung but now we need to rebuild the top of the jamb, trim out the other side of the door, and reinstall the trim on the top of the door on the kitchen side.
When it comes to sunlight, the kitchen needs all the sunlight help it can get. Despite having a fair amount of windows the kitchen is still very dark. This door allows sunlight to come in from the mud room which is on the south side.

This door was a $35.00 investment. It has beveled glass lites and still has the plastic on the glass. It was purchased off of eBay from a seller in southern Indiana. I purchased 6 doors for 35 dollars each. I have used all the doors but two. I think, I sold that pair for $140.00 or $150.00. So even though, we had to drive to southern Indiana I think we still came out ahead on the whole deal. I know a new door from Home Depot without beveled glass is almost $200.00 a piece and I have used 4 of them at $35.00 a piece. So the two I sold covered the price of the 4 doors I kept. So basically we have 1 1/2 tanks of gasoline invested in the 4 doors. Not too shabby.

Unfortunately, I need one more door but I am still looking.


  1. What kind of door are you looking for now?

    We have a solid wood double door for sale on CL...however, not for $35 :)

    Here's the link:

  2. I'm looking for another 15 lite door in poplar or pine. I think 32 wide 79 height.

    I can't get your link to work. It comes up as the login on for Craigslist account.


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