Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tis the Season to be a Pain in My A$$

Today was slightly warmer than yesterday or I guess I should say it wasn't as cold as yesterday because there was nothing warm about today at all.

We got a late start because, on the advice of my sister, I went to WalMart looking for large suction cups to hang my wreaths. I should have known I would be there awhile after I asked the stock guy, in the holiday decorations, about suction cups and he told me they were told in their morning meeting that they were out of suction cups. Two minutes later, over by the artificial Christmas trees, I found about one hundred of them.

I then got in a check out line, but since I am short, I did not notice that there was a male cashier until I was boxed in between an elderly couple who insisted on pushing their cart into my back and a couple who were letting each of their kids check out individually despite the fact that the store was packed to the gills. You see, I have a hard and fast rule that I never ever get in a line with a male cashier because they are just too slow. This gentleman did not prove my theory wrong.

Why is it that male cashiers pick the item up with one hand only to then reposition it with the other hand? They then scan slowly waiting for the beep and then and only then do they even begin to turn and bag the item. Heaven forbid you have a coupon, which I did. He then must read it from stem to stern before attempting to scan it. Why not just scan the sucker and then read it if it doesn't accept the scan????

By the time I got my items on the conveyor, the elderly couple had pushed me right by the card reader and past the carousel. I was never so glad to leave a store in my life.

But wait I wasn't free yet. Lucky me was following a lady out to the parking lot when we approached the exit door and she abruptly stopped. She didn't stop as we were getting she stopped at the point where you couldn't go around her and still get out the door.

Why did she stop??? First, she needed to button up her coat. Then she needed to put on her gloves. Oh she couldn't find her keys. It was only after all that preparation did she move forward followed by myself and three others. We were in a large lobby where she could have pulled to the side and prepared herself for departure. But no, that would take forethought and she would have none of that. BTW we couldn't use another door because there were only two exit doors and one had a sign on it that said 'use other door'. At this point I had a headache.

When I finally arrived home, R said he was ready to "call out the cavalry" because I was gone so long "just to get suction cups." We spent the next two hours cutting and installing the short shingles under the window and the narrow shingles by the side of the window. Each one took more time than a full size shingle to install. We finally finished the left side and called it quits for the day on the shingling.

Here is how it looked when we quit for the day. We still need to add the trim under the window but we will wait until the other side is done and then haul out the nail gun and do both windows at the same time.
We then moved on to the business of wreath hanging. By this time it was completely dark and we were only able to hang the two wreaths on the wrought iron driveway gates.

I'll make the bows tonight and hopefully tomorrow.....God willing....I'll hang those wreaths. All I have to say is....those suction cups better hold and not fall down because at this point I'm running out of HO HO HOs.

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