Monday, December 6, 2010

Wreath Making with my Sister and Niece

On Sunday, I stripped another section of base board. I tried to do a little sanding but that was slow going.
The fluted area on the corner cabinet sanded up nicely but the end result also netted me one half sanded off fingernail.
Today was a day of making evergreen wreaths with my sister Ranee and my favorite niece Blaire. We were able to crank out 6 wreaths. I still have 3 more wreath frames and possibly enough greens to make the three wreaths and also fill my flower box with the leftover greens.

We took a lunch break after we wired the greens to 6 wreath frames. But first, we made a quick side trip to Michael's. We barely had enough strength to make bows and add some pine cones by the time we returned home after eating and shopping.

I'll post photos of the wreaths as soon as my sister emails me the photos. The photos I took today were dark and fuzzy. It's a good thing Santa is bringing me a new camera for Christmas.

According to R....we are ready to shingle tomorrow. So I am anticipating extreme wind and ultra cold temperatures tomorrow.

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  1. I don't even want to think of anyone out shingling today. Ist zu kalt!

    So good on you if you did.


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