Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Asphalt Driveway Sealer

Several days before we left for the Antiques Roadshow we decided to get our asphalt driveway resealed. The driveway suffered from years and years of neglect. As you know from previous posts, we finally found the edge all around the driveway. When we purchased the house, the driveway was nearly entirely covered in leaves, pine cones, seed pods from trees, and dirt. It literally took us years to uncover the entire driveway. Neglect has also caused the driveway to severely crack. Not just big crack but entire areas of small cracks. Plus the driveway just plain looked bad.

Here's a before photo of the driveway as you drive in past the gates. You can see that previous sealer is completely worn off in the area of the tire tracks.Here is the after photo.The company we hired sprayed hot sealer on the asphalt driveway and it soaked into the driveway almost immediately. They were also able to fill some of the cracks. This photo is of a section directly in front of the flower bed that has the lavender, roses, and hydrangeas.Here is an after photo of the same area.We decided that the driveway needs some immediate attention before this winter. The sealer we had sprayed will hopefully keep the next layer of sealer from soaking in. We will attack one area at a time. We purchased some cold patch to fill any voids or missing areas on the side. We also bought several different crack fillers. After we fill the cracks we will put down another layer of sealer.

Hopefully this will give us several more years before we need to have the driveway resurfaced. Given the size and length of our driveway.......I can't imagine what that will cost.