Friday, July 24, 2009

Iron Driveway Gate Update

The work on the iron driveway gates has been going slow due to rain. It seems like it does not go more than 3 days without raining.

One side is completely primed while the other side is about 3/4 scraped and de rusted. R still need to straighten several bars but he'll do that just prior to priming. The final black satin coat will not be applied until everything is primed and the south gate is reinstalled.
Primed and ready for paint and the primed gate to be reinstalled.The other gate before R started the prep work.

Several roadblocks could cause the final coat to not be applied until after NEXT Sunday, not this Sunday but NEXT Sunday.

1. R has a race on Saturday night at a track approximately three hours from here. Best case scenario is we return home very very late Saturday night (3am Sunday). Sunday will be spent sleeping and cleaning the race car so I see very little getting done on the gate Sunday.

2. Starting next week is the Buick Open. Whatever is going to get done must be done by Thursday at the latest. Too many people and golf carts to be able to spray paint and use the grinder or welder.

3. R wants to race next Saturday at Eldora Speedway, Tony Stewart's race track in Ohio. If we decide to go we will leave very early Friday morning to make Friday afternoon practice and the Friday night dance at the Eldora Ballroom, and will not return until Sunday evening. R and I do not dance but the Eldora Ballroom is legendary and as gear heads and race junkies we feel it is our duty to attend.

4. Tiger Woods will be at the Buick Open so we must prepare to be bombarded by hoards of rude people trying to get a glimpse of Woods in what will probably be the last Buick Open. For the life of me I can't understand why people feel that the buying of a ticket to a sporting event give them the right to trespass on my property or litter my property with paper, bottles, and empty beer cups.

I feel bad for the charities that receive monies from the Buick Open but I also feel that the Buick Open and township officials have taken advantage of the citizens who choose NOT to allow parking (for a price). They allow people to over drink on the course and when these people leave they become obnoxious and dangerous to everyone else. They also do absolutely nothing to try and keep the unnecessary noise to a minimum. We've had to listen to rap music, honking horns, air horns, yelling and shouting at cars trying to lure them into their yards, and loud trucks and cars driving back and forth for no apparent reason other than to see what is going on.

On to a lighter note. Our neighbor, Gary, came over and spoke with R and I about how great the yard looks. It's great to hear that our work is being appreciated by someone else. Our neighbors probably had to watch our home decline for more than a decade. I know it would make me not even want to go outside. So we will be very happy when we can paint the sides of the house that face their home. Unfortunately that is the north and east side of our home and we planned that to be the last.