Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Race is on to Beat the Rain

R was just minutes away from getting in his truck and starting his 3 hour drive up north to race his sprint car when my phone rang. It was Gavin calling to say they had canceled the race due to rain. Gavin and Barbara drove the rig up north last evening. Pulling a long race car enclosed trailer is a tedious chore plus an expensive one.

So R got busy with the gate again and that is when the blue sky turned to black and it started pouring. I saw the clouds coming. I got R's attention and pointed to the sky but he just kept on grinding. I heard the thunder, I yelled for R, besides being hard of hearing...he was engrossed in his grinding, so I reached down and unplugged his extension cord. He looked at his grinder and even though I couldn't read his lips because of the face shield and dust protector covering his mouth.......I still know exactly what he said.........I believe it went something like this, "What the @#$% is wrong with this @#$% thing!" Then the rain started.

It rained hard for 15 minutes then it stopped. So R hauled everything back out to the gate and continued to grind until 6PM. He says he needs "30 more minutes and then I can prime." The forecast calls for rain nearly every day next week. So the final black satin coat maybe a week away. He will just be glad to not have to grind anymore.

Here is R grinding away in his grinding attire.