Friday, July 17, 2009

Sprucing Up the Mailbox

I have this thing about mailboxes. It's really the first thing a new visitor to your home will see when they come to visit. But some people totally neglect their mailbox. I've seen very expensive homes with rusty mailboxes and leaning mail box posts. Some people just have plain ugly mailboxes. Check out the link under Favorite Links called Ugly Mailboxes.

My mailbox post was looking pretty bad. The paint was peeling and the black numbers were no longer black thanks to the road salt and snow plow.

Here's a before photo.
Looks much better with a fresh coat of paint.
The day lilies planted at the base are burgundy and pink. Day lilies can survive the road salt and dry conditions.

Tomorrow I start painting the entry gates. R has been grinding off multiple layers of paint and rust. He spent some time today straighten the bent wrought iron. The bend was just about car bumper height. Looks like someone didn't notice the gates were closed.