Sunday, July 26, 2009

Primed and Ready To Go

That's right....we're primed......the entire wrought iron driveway gates are primed. In spite of the weather R prevailed.

It rained on and off. Did that stop R from grinding......nooooooo.

It was windy and I am not talking little breeze type wind but more like a steady 25 mph wind. Did that stop R from spray painting primer on the gates......noooooooooo.

It was hot and humid then cool and windy. Did that stop R from finishing the grinding and priming.......nooooooo.

R still needs to straighten a few bars before we paint but we needed to get this far before we stop for any given time. Straightening the bars will just take an hour or so then touch up the primer.

While R worked on the gates I was busy clearing out the brush along the fence line on the outside by the street. As I was picking up rocks I saw something round and flat. I picked it up and sure enough, it was money.....a quarter.I said to R, "Hey, I found a quarter." He said, "Good work, take the rest of the day off." It was 7:15PM and we had been at it was over 7 hours straight.

That's right ladies.....he's all mine and you can't have him.