Wednesday, July 22, 2009

R Scores Another Curbside Treasure

Lately, when it comes to finding curbside treasures, R has been on a hot streak.

Several weeks ago it was a picnic table and a Sears Craftsman 5 hp compressor. Sunday's score was not curbside but almost. I drove past a garage sale and then noticed they had older wrought iron furniture for sale, so I stopped. I looked at the wrought iron love seat, chair, and chaise lounge (with white rubber tires still intact) and the tag said $20.00. I thought to myself "cool, I wonder if it is $20 a piece or $20 for all three pieces?" I looked at all the other trinkets and found a $2.00 plate I just had to have, so I headed toward the prerequisite garage sale card table with the cash box. Seated behind the card table and guarding the cash box were three women, so I figured I had a fairly good chance that one of the cash box guards was the owner of the wrought iron furniture. As I paid for my plate I asked, "how much for the patio furniture?" The woman that I believed to be the head cash box guard, a title which is usually bestowed upon the owner of the home of the garage sale, said "$25.00." Say what???? I couldn't believe it. So I said "thank you" and left. But I wasn't done. I got into my SUV and called R. I knew he was just down the road and could be called into service at a moments notice when haggling is required. He answered the phone and said he was just coming up on the sale. I told him what transpired and told him to stop and see if he could get the furniture for $15.00. Several minutes later he pulled in the driveway with the furniture. I asked "what did you have to pay for it?" I just about died when he said "$15.00" he then paused for a moment and said "but I have a date later." Funny guy that R.

I was willing to pay $20.00, heck I might have even paid $30.00 for it but it was a matter of principle.

Today's score was unbelievable. R found this at the curb waiting for the trash man.This rocking chair is in seriously good condition. It is so comfortable, too. No labels but I think it is the original fabric. Springs seem to be in good condition and seat is firm with original horse hair and padding still intact. Also the rocking chair is very heavy. I'm not sure of the wood, maybe cherry or mahogany.

I was surprised that the rocking chair runners were not cracked or repaired. The only problem I see is the worn finish on the chair arms. Actually that doesn't bother me because I would expect to see that.

Sorry I forgot to take a photo of the patio furniture....oops!