Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gates, Treasures, & Buick Pro Am

Work progressed on the gates today. The north side is 95% complete. R wants to give some areas a second coat so the paper he used to protect the bricks is still taped to the pillar in the photo.
The south side gate has received one coat on both sides but has yet to be installed. We didn't even attempt to hang the gate because by the time the paint had dried it was after 7PM and neither one of us wanted to start what could be a long and strenuous ordeal.

While I was out by the gate this evening picking things up, I had someone stop and comment on how hard I was working on removing the brush along the fence. He said he had been watching me all week while he was installing the electronic scoreboards. He said every day he would go by and more and more was gone every day. He gave me a hug and said I was a hard worker. LOL

Yesterday I hinted at a curbside treasure that I had painted. Here's the back story. R was driving along when he saw a guy walking back to his house after putting out the trash. R said he had put out a lot of things. As he drove by he saw WROUGHT IRON FURNITURE. He slammed on his brakes and started backing up. At the same time someone else saw the furniture and slowed down but R was already there so they left. If he would have been 30 seconds later...the furniture would have been gone.

R brought home 4 wrought iron chairs and the matching table. The furniture had it's original white paint but it was starting to show some small rust spots and someone had started to spray paint the table red. The table is metal mesh like the seats. I normally don't like that type of table but this is a very heavy table and the base is reminiscent of the old glass table bases in that it has a place to sit a pot of flowers.

I currently needed two of the chairs to go with a small side table I purchased for 10 bucks. So I got out the spray paint and now I have two chairs and a small table to use for taking a quick break while working in the yard.Ahhhhh.....the Buick Open madness has started. Normally we don't get the rude people until Sunday or Saturday at the earliest, but not this year. Today we had 3 young ladies and let me just say up front.....I use the term 'ladies' loosely. It was approximately 3 in the afternoon so if you were located anywhere from tee 10 to 13 there was a very good chance that the last foursome had already gone through. Since Tiger and Bob Seger teed off at 7am they might have been out there for some time. I can appreciate the fact that they might have been hot and tired but that still does not give you the right to trespass. I caught the threesome as soon as they entered the yard on the south side. They were parked in the yard of my neighbor on the north side. I asked them to turned around and go back to the street. I said please...they said no. Now these girls were probably no older than 20. I think they thought 3 out numbered 1 but unbeknown to them I had been in a sorority and lived with 40 girls at one time so three young girls were hardly going to intimidate me. I so wish I had my hose close by.....they looked so warm. R saw what was happening and he started yelling. They didn't turn around until R got close. They were mumbling as they walked away. R went back to working on the gates. But like a lot of young ladies that age....they just couldn't walk by without running their mouths. But they weren't done. When they were driving their cars by us, they laid on the horns and gave us the one finger salute. Classy young ladies. Maybe they were upset because they didn't get 'The Nuge's' autograph. I doubt if these girls knew who Bob Seger is, or the original 'Bad Boy' himself Bill Laimbeer.I can't imagine what it will be like on Saturday and Sunday. Oh and I almost forgot. I had two guys in a pick up truck stop and ask me why I wasn't allowing cars to park in my yard this year. I told them 'I never let people park in my yard.' He said 'Yes you do.' I said 'No' but that wasn't good enough for him. He continued to argue with me and insisting that he indeed usually parks in my yard. I finally convinced them that it was my neighbor who's yard they park in. The driver looked at my neighbor's driveway and said 'They don't have a sign.' I said 'they are done for the day and took the sign down.' That's when Einstein finally realized he usually parks next door.

FYI........Even though Ted Nugent is nothing more than a rock and roll Dick Cheney, Stranglehold is in my top 5 favorite songs of all time. Maybe it's because the original version had someone other than Uncle Ted on vocals.

Top 5 songs in any order on any given day.
Moon Dance...Van Morrison
Gear Jammer.....Thorogood
Any song by Led Zeppelin
Hotel California.....Eagles I'm embarassed by that one but I like it.

FYI......Bob Seger early stuff is my fav.

FYI.....Detroit Pistons just are not the same without 'The Bad Boys' and Laimbeer deserves a head coaching job in the NBA. Dumars missed the boat when he didn't sign Laimbeer after giving Curry his walking papers.