Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You too, can be a Roadshow Appraiser

In an effort to drag out the suspense before I tell you the appraised value of our four items, I thought I'd let you take a stab at playing Antiques Roadshow Appraiser. we go.

Item #1 is a post impressionism 25 1/2" X 32" oil on canvas and signed W.S. Davenport, 1868-1938 (William Slocum). Painting is in it's original white gold leaf frame. The frame has an exhibit tag that reads #600. On the verso is penciled #600 Society Nationale des Beaux Arts March 12th 1933.Item #2 is an unsigned American (was told French when I purchased it) oil on canvas. Painting is post impressionism and painted in 1890's. Frame is approximately 1910. This post impressionism painting measures 20" X 16".Item #3 is a framed pastel nude on board by Leslie Crump (1894-1962). The studio drawing measures 20" X 16".Item #4 is a framed oil on canvas dated '36 and signed with unknown initials. Painting is done in the modernism style.Pardon the bugs on the front of the SUV. I snapped these photos as I unloaded the vehicle.

In the meantime, while you mull over the info and formulate your appraisel, I'll post about the SS Badger.