Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Scenes from Beaver Dam Wisconsin

After the Antiques Roadshow we hit the road for Beaver Dam. We drove around Beaver Dam for an hour until we could check in to our room. The lake at Beaver Dam is huge and on this day it was extremely windy and the water was very choppy....but still beautiful. You may not be able to see this in the photo below but there is a little metal box on a pole right by the boat launch. It has a slot in it with a sign that says to put your boat launch fee money in the slot. R and I got a kick out of that. If that box was here in Michigan it would be empty...no wait...the box would be gone....LOL. But I bet that in Beaver Dam the people do put their boat launch money in the box and I bet no one takes the box either. While walking to the festival we noticed that everyone that walked by said "hello". The town of Beaver Dam has a festival every year called the 'Lake Days'. They have the traditional festival attractions like a beer tent and games. We missed the water skiing show but lawn chairs were lined up ready for the show and fireworks that night.
Here they are working on the firework barges. We were at the track at 10PM so we missed all the 'oooh and aaaaahhs'.I feel funny taking photos of houses owned by people I don't know. I guess I don't want them to think I'm stalking them! The house below was in the process of being restored and was built high up above the lake.
I really like this home. The home had great stone work and was neat as a pin. It was located at the end of the street and had a view of the lake. I really liked the patio which was a raised brick patio with a view of the lake.
Notice all the bikes.......I didn't check but I bet not one of them was locked and none of them turned up missing. A few other observations I made while in Beaver Dam.....no loud noisy cars or motorcycles, kids rode bikes all over town, even though there was a large crowd at the festival it was actually peaceful and free of shouting obnoxious people, and finally...NO DRUNK or even SLIGHTLY intoxicated festival goers despite a large beer tent.