Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Iron Gate Update

Wow...lately all everyone wants to know is "when is R going to finish the gates?" Today my father had back surgery. When we finally got to his room after his surgery, one of the first things he asked was "is R done with the gates, yet?" Yikes!!!! R is going as fast as he can. Here's the photos to prove it.

Remember when the south side looked like this??
Well it looks like this now.Isn't that chain link ugly? We have some ideas how to remedy the ugliness, but until then I will just paint it black and hope that it fades into the background rather than stand out like a silver rusty sore thumb. Once the lilacs get larger the fence will disappear no matter what we do.

Also notice how the light fixture now needs painting. Just like any other home improvement project......one project spawns at least 3 other projects, thus creating a never ending list of projects that need to be completed.

And remember this?And it looks like this now.R look at the sky.....I think it's going to rain.Time to hustle.I just realized something....R's grinding clothes look like his painting clothes. I swear he has more shorts than just those nasty cut offs but what can I say......he's grew up during the 60's and 70's when cut offs were the casual attire of choice. The wife beater t shirt makes him look like he should be in an episode of COPS. Maybe I should pixelate his face....to protect the innocent.

The sky is getting darker.And then it started raining.

In my haste to show the painted parts of the gate, I completely left out the bar straightening procedure. I don't actually have photos of said procedure but it involved a big sledge hammer, a port a power and this...A torch. When all else fails.....use fire.

We still need to hang the south gate and finish painting the north gate. The square posts will need a second coat and we need to attach the latch mechanism so we can rid ourselves of the chain and use just a padlock.

Here's an up close photo of the grinder and the grinding discs that R used. The disc in the grinder is actually disc number 5. Look at how small the disc is compared to how big it was when he started.Just in case you thought R was the only one working, here's photo proof that I, too, was hard at it. I painted this metal garden kitty that I received for Christmas. It was originally brown but I needed it to be black. Isn't he cute?I also did some mowing and I sprayed painted some other items, but I'll wait until tomorrow to talk about those pieces. Hint.....more curbside treasures from two years ago.