Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bare Iron and Rain=Rust

Yesterday R was able to get the gate primed so today he started on the iron part that is attached to the pillar. The weather forecast today was for a 30% chance of showers and at 1PM in the afternoon it was mostly sunny. By 2PM it was mostly cloudy. By 4PM it was sprinkling on and off. By 5PM it was raining big time. Unfortunately by 430PM R had the iron stripped of paint and ready for primer. He was able to get about 10% of the bare iron primed. Tomorrow we will lightly sand and immediately primer the bare iron.Take a look at how badly rusted this piece is. Nothing we can do about it. We are hoping when it is painted that it won't stand out. Fingers crossed.While R prepped the iron, I was busy spraying Round Up on the weeds and grass growing in my hosta beds. I've been waiting for a non windy and non wet day to spray. The rain started about 2 hours after I sprayed so I think I'll be OK.

While it rained I use the heat gun to strip paint off the interior trim of one of the dining room windows. Stripping revealed that these windows were always painted. The window trim in the living room had a layer of shellac or varnish on the bare wood and then painted. The paint in the living room required very little heat to remove the paint and work went very fast. The dining room was slower but paint came off easier than the exterior trim.

It looks like the trim was tan early on. Later and probably during the 50's, the Calamine pink color made it way to the trim. After that it was white. Three colors but about 8 coats of paint with the last coat being a sprayed flat coat. The detail was hidden with all the paint. Once I repaint, the trim will have sharper detail.